I could take the time to craft this bio into something devastatingly witty, attention-grabbing and unique. Yes, I could do that.

But I know all you are really looking for is an answer to the question: is this freelance writer any good, and can I rely on her to deliver content to my exacting standards, and on time?

If you do have the time to run your eye over my unique and witty fleshed-out personal information as outlined further below, then consider me flattered.

But if you’d rather cut to the chase, this is all you need to read:

  • I have a Diploma in Freelance Journalism from the New Zealand Institute of Business Studies
  • I am a freelance writer with experience in journalism, copywriting, creative writing, social media, marketing, communications, customer service and business management
  • When I work for you, the message you want to get across to your readers is my priority
  • More than ten years’ experience in marketing my own business helps me to uniquely understand your needs, and to get into the head of your customer in order to deliver the most engaging content possible
  • Writing is a God-given talent I am humbled by and grateful for; manipulating words is an extension of that skill I have learned over time and grown with each new project, and one I can adapt to a broad range of applications
  • I work exceptionally well to deadlines, and will always deliver your content on time

If you’re fascinated to find out more about me, then please, read on: (and thank you!)

The bustling little town of Waiuku on the south-eastern coast of Auckland in Aotearoa New Zealand has lately become my home; I live here on a lifestyle block with my husband, our two daughters (aged five and two), my parents, a cow named Flower and many chickens. The best thing about our new home is its vibrant small-town community vibe, one I relish being involved with and contributing to through various activities and volunteer work.

As a freelance writer I dabble in projects as diverse as:

  • Rewriting content for Auckland’s only full-time professional philharmonic orchestra (APO)
  • Online articles and social media for a major supermarket chain (Countdown)
  • Real estate listing copy for a rapidly growing start-up (FRASE)
  • Parenting, pregnancy and childcare pieces for a glossy national magazine title (Pregnancy Bump & Baby)
  • Numerous ongoing creative projects, including the development of a series of picture books for children (‘The Endicotts’) and a novel for young adults

I am fascinated by, and constantly on a journey of discovery about the world of culinary anthropology. Why, in spite of technology and science, have we never been so unwell or nutritionally compromised as we are today? How can we fulfil our basic needs in a way that supports our health and longevity? My journey is ongoing, and parts of it are documented here at zigzagutopia.

Spending time with my family is an absolute necessity for my sanity, as is the odd moment of respite from the chaos, even if it is only the warm cascade of the morning’s hot shower, a brisk dung-scented jog down our country lane, or a solo drive in the family station wagon crooning along to eighties rock ballads instead of toddler tunes.

I also love my acappella group, history, travel, cuisine, wine, music, books, comedy, movies and more than a few of the available shows on Netflix.

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