In 52 days of Blog Lapse, this is some of what I’ve learned:

1. You can’t change people. But you can change how you react to them. And when you do that, sometimes you learn that it is perfectly ok to react naturally to the things they do, because reacting differently doesn’t sit well. (In fact, often its downright stressful.)  This is a deceptively powerful learning, given that it has helped me to truly embrace the notion of Acceptance.  (Well, give it a little hug, at least. I guess it’s a lifetime’s work to declare that Full Embrace has been achieved, am I right Buddhist Monks?)

2. It takes time to form habits, but it takes nanoseconds to break them.  (I think someone by the name of Murphy has a screed of laws that apply aptly to this particular learning.)  It was habit and diligence that scored me publication in the Spring 2014 issue of OHbaby! Magazine with my article on baby-led weaning.

3. Dining Out is a Fun, Sociable, Very Enjoyable pastime that is sorely missed while one navigates a fresh family course during the infant and toddler-years.  And being able to do it again has brought a renewed sense of balance to my life. Read more about my return to the restaurant in my review of Hellenic Republic.

4. There was a good reason we were the only couple with a 21-month old toddler without her own seat on an A320 airbus flight from Melbourne to Auckland departing at 5pm.  And, thank God for kid-friendly commuters who found her edgy ‘enthusiasm’ for the experience endearing rather than irritating.  (Note to self, pay it forward next time…)

5. Conventional, institutional Medicine may have made some small progression since I last encountered it, but unnecessary pharmaceuticals are still being grossly over-prescribed.

6.  When I get around to reading them, my brother invariably gives me Really Good Books.  Read my review of Tim Winton’s ‘Cloudstreet’.

So, dear readers, while this blog has suffered from a brief silence from its author, rest assured its author hasn’t failed to expand (um, more on my 10-week Trim Down Plan in due course) and collect fodder for your reading pleasure in the busy and productive meantime.

Please enjoy.

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