(Or, Where In The Zigzag Is Utopia? Part Two.)  Read Where In The Zigzag is Utopia? Part One

How do you live your life?  In linear fashion: backwards-and-forwards, or side-to-side?

Realistically, a linear life is a rather limiting proposition. The absence of time travel does rather negate the possibility of going in any directing but forward.

(Besides which, people who exist in go-forward mode are likely to be going-on, relentlessly… and unlikely to be reading this, being far too busy-and-important, and more likely ‘Reading When They Absolutely Must’ and less likely ‘Reading For Fun’.  Oh yes, this blog is definitely about ‘Reading For Fun’. Are you having fun yet?)

Let’s face it- most of us exist in side-to-side mode, albeit with forward propulsion.  Forward propulsion, not as deemed by desire or intent; rather by that immutable law of physics which moves us unavoidably forward through time.  (Who has naming rights on that concept… Newton? Hawking? Acchh, I need more science.)

We traverse– sometimes intentionally, sometimes buffeted by the whims of Fate/ God/ Destiny.  And as we go, it seems to me there is one definable, shared, universal human condition. We are none of us truly content with life-just-as-it-is.

(Which is not to say we are all miserably unhappy- far from it. This qualified Freelance Journalist is NOT your stereotypical embittered-whisky-toting-cynic banging her fist in frustration on the news desk as the world-at-large shatters her illusions one by one.)

I believe no matter how happy and content you are with Your Lot, there’s always something Else/ Different/ More that you secretly-or-vocally seek-or-wish to attain. This is not a Bad Thing. In fact without it I believe the Will to Live is lost, and perhaps this is the crucial listlessness that could be a sure predictor of at-risk suicide victims.  (Suicide Victim: oxymoron?)

OK, it’s less Subject Matter and more Overarching Theme, but I never was going to limit myself to a topic such as ‘My Blog About Growing Herbs’.

(Coincidentally, we are currently, experimentally growing herbs in an old bathtub on our property. The success or otherwise of this venture may well warrant a post in due course, but certainly not an entire blog.)


So.  Now when they say, “You should write a blog,” I’ll be able to respond with enthusiastic affirmation.

This blog is called Zigzag Utopia, because while you’re dreaming-of-or-doing your next-or-new change-or-direction, there is some succinct rambling here to occupy your meantime. As you gently propel forward- while flopping or pirouetting between the pinball flippers of life- take time to read it.

Its entries are my attempt to inform and entertain, while demonstrating what I believe is the truth in the heart of all things.  Besides love, courage and kindness- balance is the attribute that paves the way to paradise- in this life and the next.


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