Gloria Pritchett with newborn

Um, no, this isn’t me.



As a consequence of my ministrations our daughter has achieved the ripe old stature of toddlerhood, so clearly I am now the World’s Greatest Expert on infant-care.

The early days were tough, and there is no earthly way to know whether they could have been any better, had I known then what I do now.

It’s utterly unique- that time through a first pregnancy and into the newborn phase- the strangest mix of contradictions.

I was tremendously confident, and filled with fear.  I read a stack of books on birth and childcare, but every time some well-meaning acquaintance tried to give me advice I mentally slapped my hands over my ears and hummed loudly.

Well aware of this, I don’t know if my advice will help anyone, anywhere.

But as a relatively new member of the global neighbourhood of parents, ever since those very first moments of revelation (‘why didn’t anyone TELL us about ‘the Witching Hour??’) I’ve felt a sense of duty to all those future baby-ministrators out there.

Forays into the world of massage– were for both of us hugely beneficial, as were my regular coffee group meet-ups.  As a consequence of taking our baby girl to see an osteopath we received one of the best pieces of advice we could have asked for during this precarious time.  Perhaps my early breastfeeding experience, along with my advice on natural ways to stay breastfeeding-healthy can help you in your own efforts to give your baby the best start in life.

I hope your bleary eyes may light on some pearl of wisdom that will help you, too, successfully guide your charge from infancy to toddlerhood.

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