“You know your baby best,” said Lynn Grace of Stillpoint Osteopathy, where we took our baby girl at about 10 weeks.

“Yeah,” we murmured- distracted, exhausted.

“No, really,” she insisted, looking hard at both of us. “YOU know YOUR baby best.  She’s YOUR baby.  No-one knows her better than you do.”

She was right.  It clicked for us, there and then, and we’ve been reminding ourselves of the fact ever since.  No-one in the world is going to know that infant like her parents do.

My advice is to keep that at the forefront of your mind- even amongst the changing, feeding, burping, grunting and dribbling of the utterly helpless newborn phase- your baby’s personality is already beginning to emerge.  It’s up to you to try to minimize your own anxiety and get to know who your baby is (besides an impossibly fragile parcel of bones that somehow, impossibly, you both made).

Osteopathy was great for our baby, who had an odd little tendency to stretch her head back and to the left, creating a kind of limbo contortion for the first few weeks of her life.  Though rather graceful and reminiscent of an Olympian synchronised swimmer, we felt it could probably do with correcting.

Osteopathy is recommended for infants as a matter of course after that harrowing trip down the birth canal.  Having researched its benefits we decided to visit the lovely Lynn, who sorted out that backward-stretch in just three sessions.

We also noticed that the baby slept like, er, well, like a baby after the sessions.  That in itself made it money well spent.


Check out more about Stillpoint Osteopathy in Mt Eden here: http://www.stillpoint-osteo.co.nz/


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One thought on “Newborn Survival Guide: #2 Osteopath

  1. Probably nothing in your life have you ever scrutinised so intently and so continuously – so of course you know her best- but what a good thing to point out; lovely Lynn indeed.

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