Nurture Me

It seemed that just as I had settled into the happy rhythm of our regular 20-minute massages from the effervescent Emma McLean at Mother-Well Holistic Health on Mt Eden Road, the babies started crawling and the difficulty of reining them in saw our monthly treat fall by the wayside.

My only regret about newborn-phase-regular-massage is not starting sooner, or not doing it more often.

Emma runs a fantastic, highly cost-effective service where 4 or more mums get together and mind each other’s littlies while taking a turn having a 20-minute massage.  She offers a delicious selection of teas and treats at Mama Maternity, so it’s also a great way to catch up and ‘baby-network’.

If traveling doesn’t suit, Emma can come to you.

She also runs a baby massage course in a private home if you get a group together.  The course gives you a good basic overview of how massage can assist various baby issues like constipation or wind, and of course gives a hands-on demonstration of a top-to-toe infant massage.

During the stressful and sleepless early days, massage for parents and babies is an effective tool for relaxation, re-charge and re-connection, and I highly recommend you make it a priority.

Leave it too late and you may end up as regretful as I, trying to keep up with your energetic toddler as your un-massaged muscles groan with wistful massage memories.


For more information on Emma’s services, go to her website www.nurtureme.co.nz


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