“You write well,” they said. “You should start a blog.”

Hah! “Easier said than done,” I might have replied, if it wasn’t such a hackneyed turn-of-phrase.

The issue is, entirely, the Elusive Subject Matter. It’s one thing to expect the undivided attention of any weary cyber-reader for any length of time, and quite another to expect any level of interest if one hasn’t even a clear idea of what one might want to say.

(Tiffany Brown’s blog. Tiffany who? What’s she on about? Etc.)

Two years ago I embarked on a new study mission after, ahem, 20 years off. I say ‘off’, but really, there were plenty of ‘training’ stints during my zigzagging career. I read Brad Sugars and Michael E. Gerber. I completed a computer programming course. I sat in the audience of a 3-day intensive property investment seminar.

(It was only much later I realised the success of the property event lay in sleep-deprivation, brain-washing and the gentle threat of humiliation in front of 300 other barely-awake strangers. Still, I’ve not lost money on a property deal since, so I don’t altogether regret the attendance.)

This new course of study was legit though. I was gonna earn me an old-school diploma. By correspondence I gave myself a year to qualify as a Freelance Journalist.

My first pack of materials arrived, ooohh with a suite of complementary goodies (a fancy staple-puller-outer! A pink highlighter!) Those canny administrators at the New Zealand Institute of Business Studies sure knew how to get me excited and rearing to read (well, at least pull out staples and highlight with gusto).

In with this pack was an entry form for a tantalising competition to ‘Win Your Fees Back!’ Yes please, I thought. Submit your 10 best ideas for e-book titles.

Perhaps it was a subconscious procrastination ploy on my part, but- throw myself into the course I Did Not, throw myself into this competition entry with gusto I Did.

And it paid exactly the dividends promised on the tin: a month later the lovely Carol called to let me know I had won.

(I’d love to tell you what the titles were, but some of them are real doozies and, really, I need to protect my own copyright. Eventually they will all end up written and listed for sale on Amazon. See all that gritty determination I’ve developed over the years? Thank you Brad Sugars et al.)

So, what I’m saying here, is that I managed to come up with ten stunning e-book titles in order to beat out the rest of the entries and win this fantastic prize… buuuuut I in all that time I haven’t been able to come up with one little old blog theme? Come on now!

I present to you my first blog: a collection of writing by yours truly on topics that fascinate me.

The end (even of the beginning) is always the trickiest part for me, so I’ll snaffle a trick from many gone before me and conclude this ‘Part One’ here. (On the tantalising note that in Part Two I intend to elucidate the origins of That Blog Name.)

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